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Tucker Beathard’s “Nobody’s Everything” Drops Friday

Singer/songwriter Tucker Beathard is releasing NOBODY’S EVERYTHING, the first installment of a pivotal double album, this Friday (11/30). Beathard’s country outlier handprint is all over the nine-song release, with songwriting, guitar and drum credits on every track, set to be released by Beathard’s own Mother Tucker Records. Also co-produced by Beathard with Ryan Tyndell and Jordan Rigby, the collection of songs signifies a compelling body of work, with the past year allowing Beathard to forge a leaner, realer sound from the songwriter raised on Radiohead, hip-hop and country. The final product is a taut hybrid that is more street than studio, more grit and raw emotion than polished gloss.

Beathard offers an insightful and telling look at the no-holds-barred album with the focus track, “Leave Me Alone,” revealing the “cathartic mid tempo rocker” exclusively with Rolling Stone today. Raised around some of Nashville’s seminal writers, Beathard’s sense of wordplay, melody, movement and story is beyond his peers. Just as importantly, his desire to do it his way informs his music. Tracks on the impending release including “Something To Say,” “This Life, and “Fight Like Hell” represent a generation coming of age and refusing to politely do what they’re told.

“This last year, the walls got broken down for me to really own and express emotions more, the vulnerability and the intensity of what was happening in my life and career gave me no choice,” Beathard confesses. “There’s a whole crowd of people out there who are misunderstood, the outcast types, and I gotta believe they’re dealing with the same stuff. There were so many songs, I decided to break it into two albums, and I’m excited to finally be able to share it with all the people who’ve stuck by me the last few years. We did it!”


1. Ride On
(Tucker Beathard, Bob DiPiero, Jason Gantt, David Lee Murphy)

2. Leave Me Alone
(Tucker Beathard, Shane Minor, Lindsay Rimes)

3. Somethin’ to Say
(Tucker Beathard, Dan Isbell, Reid Isbell)

4. Picture to Prove It
(Tucker Beathard, Dan Isbell, Jason Gantt)

5. Brother
(Tucker Beathard, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton)

6. Fight Like Hell
(Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton)

7. Hate It
(Tucker Beathard, Casey Beathard, Dakota Moniot, Will King)

8. This Life
(Tucker Beathard, Michael Hardy, Angelo Petraglia)

9. How Gone Will I Go
(Tucker Beathard, Joe Whelan, Will Lamb)

Tucker Beathard immediately turned heads in 2016 as “one of country music’s hottest young acts” (Pitchfork) with his debut Top 5 breakout anthem “Rock On.” Beathard has seized the platform of a hit single and continued to make waves in clubs across the country with his signature sound often playing upwards of 200 shows in a year, all with the determination to reach as many people with his music as possible. Between touring, Beathard, a prolific songwriter, can be found in the studio, writing, recording and playing his music. or more information, visit www.tuckerbeathard.com or follow him on Instagram: @tuckerbeathard, Twitter: @TuckerBeathard and Facebook: facebook.com/tuckerbeathardmusic.

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