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New and Noteworthy: Hilary Williams

Singer/songwriter Hilary Williams truly has music running through her bloodline.

Her grandfather, Hank Williams, Sr., laid the very foundation for country songwriting, and her father, Hank Williams, Jr., defined country superstardom throughout the ’80s. Through it all, they forged their own creative paths and now, Hilary carries on that family legacy with her debut album, “My Lucky Scars.”

Inspired by a devastating car accident in 2006 that nearly claimed her life, “My Lucky Scars” takes you through Hilary’s journey to overcome that near-death experience. The album’s opening track, “Angel Take My Hand” as well as “Sign of Life,” give the listener a raw look into those moments.

Music has always been my passion and what I am meant to be doing.  After my near death car accident in 2006, I didn’t know if I would be able to walk again let alone sing and play. The idea of putting out my album kept me going.  The writing experience was very cathartic, being able to write about the road to recovery, tell my story and watch the album come to life was a dream come true. I poured my heart and soul into this album and have not been prouder of anything in my life.”

The balance of the album addresses navigating the complicated game of love on tracks “The Day After the Circus,”  “Shipwreck” and “Better Than Here.” Even when singing about the toll heartbreak has taken, her voice continues to shine bright, which you’ll hear on “Let Somebody Save Me,” co-written with John Paul White (Civil Wars) and Kris Bergsnes, as well as her spot-on cover of Joni Mitchell’s “River.”

The list of songwriters contributing to “My Lucky Scars” reads like a who’s who among modern tunesmiths — Natalie Hemby, Ross Copperman, Heather Morgan, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Bobby Tomberlin as well as rock legend John Eddie. This album also shares a direct connection to the female rockers who shaped her in her youth. The jagged edge of Sheryl Crow’s guitar sound and the no-holds-barred lyrics of P.J. Harvey were the initial inspirations as Hilary set out to record this project along with her co-producers John Would (Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams) and Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant).

By the time Hilary closes out “My Lucky Scars” with the lighthearted ode to love, “Crazy,” you feel as though you’ve gotten an intimate look at this woman’s story. It’s the tale of a woman whose life is still evolving. Lucky for us, Hilary is letting us come along for the voyage.

Get to know New & Noteworthy Artist Hilary Williams 

  • Current Single/Project:  My Lucky Scars Album
  • Musical Influences:  Of course my father and grandfather were huge influences for my musically and personally but for my album I drew a lot of inspiration for the badass ladies in the world like: Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, P.J. Harvey, Patty Griffin and so many more
  • Personal Influences:   My family, my mom has been my biggest influence and inspiration my entire life.
  • Why You Should Be Listening:   This is a musician’s album with signature Williams family raw lyrics, universal truths and stories in every song
  • Music Sounds Like:  The days of old school country combined with an Americana feel

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Instagram: @HilWill
Facebook: @RealHilaryWilliams
Twitter: @HilWill

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