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New & Noteworthy: Danielle Johnson

With goals true to her spirit, rising Country singer-songwriter Danielle Johnson is wrapping up an exciting season of “firsts.” After recently signing a booking deal with Kosson Talent, the ambitious young artist’s future is looking bright. The Warsaw, North Carolina native is an 18- year-old singer-songwriter with her sights set on the Country music scene. The multi-talented artist has had experience acting in Broadway’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas, performing The National Anthem at NASCAR races including the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Coca-Cola 600 among other events.

The newcomer’s debut track “Let It Be You” was released in Aug. 2018. The song was co-written by Johnson along with Jennifer Denmark and Briana Tyson and was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, Guy Eckstine. This is Johnson’s light-hearted and authentic introduction to the Country music scene. “Let It Be You” illustrates the relatable truth of blurred lines in relationships between ‘just friends’ and ‘something more’ (listen here).

To coincide with the release, Johnson recently premiered the official music video for “Let It Be You” on Directed by Brian Harstine, the video stars Johnson along with on- screen love interest, Gunnar Kallas and unravels the story of a high school romance.

Following the world premiere, the clip was available to a panel of national, syndicated, closed circuit, Internet and regional outlets.

Most recently, Johnson released her debut self-titled EP that is, in Johnson’s words, produced to ‘bring joy into the lives of her listeners.’ The EP is now available through all streaming platforms and digital retailers.

Delivering her music with a wide range of influences encompassing pop-appeal and rootsy authenticity, Johnson is ready to make her mark. Her debut project features five tracks which were all co-written by Johnson including, the previously released focal track, “Let It Be You.” The EP came to life through many writing sessions and was inspired by real feelings, experiences, and living in the moment. Over the last four years, Johnson has spent her time recording and co-writing with artists including Phil Galdston, Jennifer Denmark, Mike Dekle, Dave Brainard, JP Williams, Michael Hunter Ochs, and Keesy Timmer, among others. Currently, Johnson is spending her time in band rehearsals for her upcoming tour dates (soon to be announced).

  • Current Single/Project – Single: “Let It Be You” Project: self-titled debut EP
  • Musical Influences –  “My biggest musical inspiration has always been Taylor Swift. She’s an incredible songwriter and performer. I have admired her songwriting since day one. It’s amazing how she is so raw and personal with her lyrics. I’ve always loved that about her.”
  • Personal Influences – “My biggest personal influence would have to be my family. They’re truly my #1 supporters. I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system. Their unconditional love and belief in me means more than they will ever know.”
  • Why You Should Be Listening – “I want people to listen to my music because it’s real. It’s me. I always want to write songs that are relatable to everyone’s life. I want them to connect and truly feel what I’m singing, every word.”
  • Music Sounds Like – “My EP is Country Pop. I have always loved the mixture of both genres, which I admire and respect tremendously. I wanted to have songs that make you want to turn on the radio and dance, but also songs that make you reminisce and truly connect.”
  • Exclusive quote from artist about project, song, etc.  “I am thrilled that my EP is finally out in the world! It’s all about my life experiences and just living in the moment. It takes you on a ride that’s courageous, yet exciting.”
  • Social Media Info – Instagram: @daniellejohnsonofficial Twitter: @Danielle1Music Facebook: @daniellejohnsonofficial

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