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Tim McGraw Releases Visually Stunning Lyric Video for “Neon Church”

Photo: Courtesy Columbia Nashville

Grammy Award-winning music superstar Tim McGraw releases the stunning visual for his latest single “NEON CHURCH,” via Columbia Nashville/McGraw Music. The video was created in absolute darkness by the world renowned “Light Painter,” Patrick Rochon. Light painting is a photographic technique of moving a light source while taking a long exposure photograph. “NEON CHURCH” marks Rochon’s first international music-related video, bringing the song to life with the lyrics vibrantly portrayed across the screen.

Of the video McGraw states,

“We wanted to give the fans something really special with this lyric video and we were blown away with Patrick’s work. He’s an artist who uses light as paint and darkness as a canvas. That couldn’t be more perfect for NEON CHURCH.”

“Light and sound are a fundamental marriage in the world of creation. When the perfect match comes together; real art takes form. For NEON CHURCH, I wanted to highlight the emotion of Tim’s song,” Rochon explained.

Rochon has collaborated with a number of companies including Infiniti Motors, Adobe, and Red Bull to name a few, and his work has appeared in a variety of industries across the world including advertising, fashion, documentaries and live performances.

McGraw most recently released “NEON CHURCH” and “Thought About You,” marking his first new solo music since 2015. The tracks have critics raving with Billboard saying “McGraw heartbreakingly opens ‘Neon Church’ with his characteristically classic country vocals……‘Thought About You’ is equally as powerful,” and Rolling Stone declares “Thought About You” “a sweeping rocker.” Both tracks are available to stream and download now via Columbia Nashville/McGraw Music. McGraw has indicated both songs are part of an upcoming 2019 album project. Click here to listen.

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