Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker Celebrates Book Launch in Nashville

Photo & video credit: South Beach Diet

It’s been an exciting and busy time for Jessie James Decker, who is currently touring to promote her new lifestyle book, JUST JESSIE: My Guide to Love, Life, Family and Food (October 2 via Dey St., an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers). Last week, the South Beach Diet Ambassador celebrated with family, friends and tastemakers for an intimate event in downtown Nashville. In attendance were familiar faces, including husband Eric Decker and the couple’s two oldest children, Jessie’s siblings, mother Karen and close friends. Guests enjoyed South Beach Diet friendly fare and a signature cocktail dubbed “The Decker” on the Kimpton Aertson Hotel Woodlea rooftop. Decker addressed the crowd,

“This is just what I needed in the midst of a very busy week. Being able to celebrate my book release with family and friends in Nashville, especially getting to see my children, has been so special. Thank you to South Beach Diet for hosting this lovely party and for your partnership and support, and for helping me stay healthy.”

The event was hosted by South Beach Diet whose CEO, Dawn Zier, was on hand to congratulate Decker on her recent accomplishments. She added,

“What we love most about Jessie is what I think everyone loves most about her. She’s authentic. She loves her family. She shares her life story with us and in a way that is every woman. We are excited to be celebrating Jessie tonight!”

JUST JESSIE: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food, is the essential guide to living life the way it works for Jessie. In her first book, Jessie hopes to inspire and empower women to follow their dreams, as they learn how Jessie made hers a reality. The book offers family recipes, fashion tips, pregnancy advice, health and beauty tutorials, dating advice and more.

Decker began her partnership with South Beach Diet after the birth of her second child and credits the program for getting back in shape. Since having her third baby, Decker reveals how much harder it has been to shed those unwanted pounds and has once again turned to South Beach to reach her goals. Decker adds,

“When I was younger, it was easier to stay in shape. But once I had children, everything changed. That’s why I started focusing more on diet and exercise. I chose to partner with South Beach Diet because I believe in their principles. I want to help other women and men get to a place where they feel their best and most confident.”

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