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Southern Halo Launches New Single, Lyric Video “I Think Too Much”

Photo Credit: Austin Britt

Southern Halo’s newest single, the catchy “I Think Too Much,” is impacting radio NOW. The much-anticipated follow-up to their Top 50 Billboard Indicator / Top 25 MusicRow single “Anything Is Possible,” the track is from their current album, JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES. Written by Nashville hitmaker Roxie Dean and the band’s own Natalia Morris, “I Think Too Much” is a jaunty, singalong that ponders new love and obsession. Fun and radio ready, the new release hums with excitement and is the perfect platform for the soaring vocals and intricate harmonies that are Southern Halo trademarks.

What am I gonna wear?
How should I do my hair?
What am I gonna say?
I hope he isn’t late.
Dab a little perfume on
Don’t wanna come on strong
This is ridiculous
I’m thinking way too much (Dean/Morris)

The upbeat single is complimented by an engaging companion lyric video (below). Comprised of outtakes from their latest photo shoot, the clip captures the siblings’ individual personalities and outgoing natures. Fans can find Southern Halo’s music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora and Google Play by clicking HERE.

As always, this popular Country trio is actively building their fan base with select live shows and promoting their music with an extensive radio promotion tour (over 25,000 miles, 70-plus radio stations to date). Upcoming performances include:

Sept. 18-21 – Radio Promo Tour
Sept. 22-23 – South Bend, IN – B100 Stage South Bend Fest
Sept. 26 -28 – Radio Promo Tour
Oct. 1-4 – Radio Promo Tour
Oct. 5-6 – Port St. Lucie, FL – Chillin’ On The Lucie
Oct. 8 – Tuscaloosa, AL – WTXT (98TXT) Radio show – Indigo Hotel
Oct. 18 – Cleveland, MS – Front Porch Music Series at GRAMMY Museum Mississippi
Oct. 23-25 – Radio Promo Tour
Oct. 29-31 – HIGH SCHOOL NATION TOUR (South Carolina)
Nov. 2 – Eau Claire, WI – WAXX Radio show
Nov. 5-7 – HIGH SCHOOL NATION TOUR (Florida)
Nov. 12-16 – HIGH SCHOOL NATION TOUR (Texas)
Nov. 20 – Nashville, TN – Tracy Lawrence Turkey Fry

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