2Steel Girls Make A Risky Move That Is Proving Successful

2Steel Girls made a calculated and bold move when they decided recently to self-release their debut full-length album, The Real Thing. That brave step is proving to be a smart one.

Following their national appearances on The Voice the duo found themselves struggling to find their way in the confines of a business that is not always accepting of change. For an act that doesn’t easily fit into a “box,” they found themselves pulled in many different directions trying to find their place and still be happy. Finally, Allison and Krystal went back to what they felt like was the best advice that they have received so far in their career when Blake Shelton told them to “just be yourselves.” Those words were the catalyst for the artistry and creativity they poured into The Real Thing, and fans, critics, talent buyers and industry insiders are paying attention. Within the first few weeks of its release, The Real Thing hit the Billboard chart and began to garner rave reviews and critical acclaim.

Their touring schedule is also gathering steam and their performances are receiving strong praise. Dale King, CEO of Doc Spartan had this to say recently: “2Steel Girls’ concert was the highlight of the summer. They bring an energy and provide an atmosphere that is unmatched and we can’t wait to have them back!” With concerts from Ohio to Pennsylvania, Florida and beyond, the duo backed by their whip crack band are winning fans far and wide with their high energy shows that run the gamut of musical styles and emotions. 2Steel Girls will make a rare home state appearance this Saturday, Sep. 1, at the Maury County Fair in Columbia, TN.

Taken all together, 2Steel Girls are proving that they can do things their way and be successful – and happy. They are also very active in supporting other female artists. Their message of female empowerment is helping give rise to a movement that is working to change the lack of female voices in today’s musical landscape. 2Steel Girls are not only shining light on others, they are taking their rightful place as strong leaders working to change the status quo.

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