Krystal Keith

Krystal Keith Keeps Rolling With Boulder & Family Addition

Show Dog Nashville recording artist Krystal Keith is proving adept at striking the elusive work-life balance following last month’s release of the critically hailed EP Boulder. With husband Drew Sandubrae and their first child Hensley – now almost three years old – Keith also recently revealed they are expecting another addition to the family.

“Being a mom and being out on the road, I have a soft spot for the moms who always have to work,” Keith says. “My dad was on the road for a lot of my childhood and I don’t know how he did it without Facetime.”

Like many working parents, Krystal doesn’t view commitment to her profession as an obstacle to raising well-adjusted children.

“You can be a strong independent woman, have a career, live out your dreams and your children are going to thrive because of it,” she says. “Every time I leave the house, my daughter knows I’m going to do a job I love.”

On that point, Keith was recently profiled in Fox News Radio’s “Children Of Song” podcast, in which she discussed what she learned from her father Toby during a childhood that coincided with his chart-topping, venue-filling career. Meanwhile, her own music career rolls on … with Boulder.

Keith and “Anyone Else” duet partner and label mate Lance Carpenter enjoyed rousing performances during Toby Keith shows in Lincoln, Neb. and at Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyo. The song’s video remains Top 5 on CMT’s 12 Pack Countdown and continues to garner widespread radio, streaming and video play. Keith and her father were featured in an interview for the network’s Hot 20 Countdown this past weekend.

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