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American Young Announce Emotional New Single ‘God Sends A Train’

Kristy Osmunson explains that her relationship with her mother turned south after her mother’s marriage to Kristy’s stepfather. Due to the tumultuous marriage, Kristy and her mother parted ways, opting to barely speak during Kristy’s high school years. Kristy recalled a day when she was sitting in school and she was paged over the intercom. She then received the devastating news that her mother had been hit by a train while in her vehicle. To help Kristy heal from this experience, she put her feelings into a song. The product of this is the emotionally driven “God Sends a Train’.

Having already enjoyed success in the UK with their debut album (they currently have over 15 million Spotify Streams), the duo are excited to be writing for their sophomore record – which they hope to deliver next year.

American Young are returning to the UK for a series of shows, following their nomination for Best International Touring Act last year British Country Music Awards. Having proved a phenomenal hit on their eleven-date European tour, the couple’s third, the duo were thrilled to solidify their reciprocal love of the UK audiences.

“We are always very excited to experience the European audiences, we connect with them in such a special way, it’s hard to describe,” comments Jon Stone, “The energy, the enthusiasm—It’s so much fun to be able to bring our passion to Europe, and the fans be so welcoming.”

Comprised of songwriter/musician, Kristy Osmunson, and songwriter/producer, Jon Stone, American Young released their debut album in late 2016. Penning 11 of the 12 tracks, showcasing Osmunson and Stone’s natural song writing abilities, the record features their first single, “Love is War,” along with tracks such as “God Sends a Train,” which speaks of the real-life devastation Osmunson endured when her mother was hit by a train but lived and eventually walked again, “Be Here,” which pleads for a moment of peace without the distractions of today’s world, and “Something to You,” which Osmunson fought back tears to record in the studio.

With the duo currently writing their sophomore album, American Young will be teasing new material and playing fan favourites from their debut during their upcoming trip to the UK.


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