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The Judds Celebrate New Exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

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The Judds are one of the most celebrated duos in country music history. They’ve earned dozens of industry awards and held a rarely interrupted stretch of 14 No.1 hits, while every single released to radio by RCA landed in the Billboard Top 10. To this day, their enduring career has inspired their peers, as well as established and aspiring artists. The Judds broke the mold for what it means to be an entertainment titan and remain one of the most successful acts in the history of the country music format. These lifetime achievements are all honored with a new, extensive Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum exhibition. The Judds: Dream Chasers opens today, August 10, and continues through July 14, 2019.

Wynonna and Naomi visited the exhibition with family and friends during a private reception this week.

“Our lives are on display and it’s so surreal, because I’m still living the dream. It’s the American Dream. I hope someone comes through the Hall of Fame and sees our humble beginnings and is inspired to pursue their dreams,” Wynonna shared.

“I think the exhibit is remarkable and reminds everyone to hold onto moments from their own life. We live in such a digital age, but report cards, handwritten notes and awards, even if it’s a sports trophy from school, are important to hold onto. It’s our history. Our lives were changed forever when we signed to RCA Records and we’re incredibly thankful for the Hall of Fame to tell our story through these items,” Naomi said.

The Judds brought a fresh acoustic sound to country music, with unmistakable harmonies surrounding Wynonna’s powerful lead vocals. They dominated the touring industry in the ’80s, have sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, and blazed a trail for duos and the women who have followed them.

The Judds: Dream Chasers exhibit follows the popular duo from their mother-and-child beginnings, from (mother) Diana Judd and (daughter) Christina Ciminella to their chart-topping career peak as one of the most successful duos in country music. In the span of their 8-year career, The Judds earned 20 Top 10 hits, as well as five GRAMMY®, nine CMA and seven ACM Awards.

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