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Jimmie Allen Releases Title Track “Slower Lower”

Stoney Creek Records’ Jimmie Allen has released his new song, “Slower Lower.” Since May, the critically-acclaimed Country newcomer has shared one new track each month as part of a series called the “Slower Lower Sessions,” all of which were inspired by memories growing up in the ‘Slower Lower’ region of Delaware.

“Slower Lower” is a feel-good tune that depicts life in Milton, the small coastal town where Jimmie was raised. Incorporating footage of Allen with his family and friends enjoying the blue skies and cool waters of Delaware, the singer also released a video that pays tribute to his hometown. As Whiskey Riff describes it, “he paints a picture of simplicity, and good clean livin’ we all could use a little more of. It’s an ode to those hometowns and the way of life that live deep in your soul.”

“This song encompasses everything about life in the Slower Lower from going fishing to going to church and all of the good times in between—the area has a great laid-back vibe and I think the song captures that light-hearted feel,” said Jimmie Allen. “This place and these people have shaped the man I am today—I carry them with me everywhere I go which is why this song and all of the Slower Lower Sessions mean so much to me.”

Jimmie, who’s debut single, “Best Shot” who is rocketing up the charts (currently at #30), has been on the road this summer, playing festivals across the country while also working on his full-length debut album, due out later this year.

Additional tracks from the “Slower Lower Sessions” include “21,” “Happy Hour” and “Warrior.” Slower Lower,” written by Jimmie Allen, Ash Bowers and Randy Montana is available for purchase HERE
For tour dates and more information, visit: www.JimmieAllenMusic.com.

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