Trent Harmon

Trent Harmon Shows Undeniable Talent in Stripped-Down Performance 

Photo Credit: Big Machine Records

One of the strongest and versatile male vocalists in music, Trent Harmon wins over audiences every time he sings. Today he unveils to powerful acoustic performances of “On Paper” and his latest offering “You Got ‘Em All.”

Harmon co-wrote both tunes, which appear on his Big Machine Records debut album YOU GOT ‘EM ALL (Big Machine Records). People Country noted of the LP, “…Harmon has put in the work in the two years since his Idol victory, and his growing skills as a songwriter are today on display in his first full-length album.”

Fans and critics alike have raved about the “emotional ass-kicker” (All Access) title track. Though “On Paper” hasn’t been released as a single, Billboard called it “one of the highlights from YOU GOT ‘EM ALL.”

The newly-released “On Paper” and “You Got ‘Em All” add to the Ivy Hall Sessions Harmon filmed earlier this year. The collection launched with The Tennessean premiering the stirring track, “Her.”

Harmon crisscrossed the country this summer for headline dates and on multiple fair and festival line-ups. He is currently on the road with label mates Rascal Flatts for their BACK TO US TOUR. For more information, visit

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  1. Love this article about Trent! He is the real deal and talented beyond compare! Looking forward to his 2nd album once he releases it! Love his first album “You Got’Em All!

  2. karin verwoerd says:

    Love these Ivy Hall Sessions with Trent! They really show off his incredible vocals!

  3. Very nice article. Love him the vocals just make you want to listen more! Really like the Ivy Hall Sessions! Really show off his vocal ability and passion for his music! Can’t wait for more<3

  4. An awesome article! For a long time I never have a singer that pierce my heart with a song & vocal.The new Acoustic version is Chills &Goosies all over again. Obsessed! Addicted Yes Yes to his musics #YouGotEmAll the Acoustic version Pure Gold

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