HOTDAMALAMA! Parmalee Releases Remixes EP

Platinum-selling band, Parmalee announces its Hotdamalama Remixes EP, a compilation of five versions of the band of brothers’ summer jam, “Hotdamalama.” The EP offers three EDM reimaginations of the track from top touring DJ/remixer/producer Dee Jay Silver, DJ DU as well as Parmalee’s own Barry Knox in addition to a “Roll Tide Remix,” sure to delight Alabama fans come football season.

Parmalee’s “Hotdamalama” is a fast-paced, rebel-rousing song that translates well to the EDM vibes of the remixes, which all heavily utilize the traditional Country sounds of banjos. The music video for the fun-in-the-sun track, which made its world premiere on CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown, proves the original song is a guaranteed party starter on its own.

“’Hotdamalama always stood out to us as a party-starter and the energy and flare added in these remixes make the song that much more fun,” said Matt Thomas of Parmalee. “We worked with some of the best Country DJ’s in Nashville on this and can just imagine seeing everybody hitting the dance floor when they play it on Broadway—that’s what it’s all about, showing people a good time.”

“Hotdamalama” is band’s seventh radio single, with the previous six all reaching Top 40 in Country radio including the Platinum-certified smash “Carolina,” which was a multi-week #1 hit. Written by Tommy Cecil, Craig Wiseman and Parmalee’s own Matt Thomas, “Hotdamalama” first appeared on the band of brother’s 2017 album 27861.

Known for their hits as much as their high energy shows that deliver the rambunctious times personified in the song, the band, comprised of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas (lead vocals and drums), cousin Barry Knox (bass) and their best friend Josh McSwain (lead guitar), formed in 2001 as a bunch of small town boys chasing wild weekend nights. Despite their success over the years, which includes award nominations, three consecutive Top 10 singles and the release of two full studio albums, Parmalee has never lost that rowdy energy that built the foundation for their music.

Hotdamalama Remixes is available for purchase here.

“Hotdamalama” (Original)
“Hotdamalama” (Roll Tide Remix)
“Hotdamalama” (Dee Jay Silver Remix)
“Hotdamalama” (Barry Knox Remix)
“Hotdamalama” (DJ DU Remix)

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