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Collin Raye Announces New Television Show, “That’s My Story”

Country star Collin Raye will debut his brand-new TV show, That’s My Story, on Collin Raye TV, the subscriber-based television channel available on the WhereverTV network this Wednesday, July 11 at 8:00 PM/CT.

“I am beyond excited about the debut of my new TV show, That’s My Story,” explains Raye. “Our goal is to bring back country music talk and music to TV with a deep emphasis on the music, and the stories behind it. It’s a show that the real music lovers will enjoy!”

The show, broadcast live from Nashville, Tennessee, will feature musical performances by Raye and his many special to-be-announced guests who he will sit down with each week to explore their lives, careers, and what country music means to them. Guest artists will also perform alongside Raye.

His first special guest will be fellow 90s country singer Billy Dean, whose hit songs include “I Miss Billy The Kid,” “Somewhere In My Broken Heart,” and “You Don’t Count The Cost.”

Raye, a 10-time “Male Vocalist of the Year” nominee (5 ACM, 5 CMA) released Collin Raye — 25 Years, 25 Hits in May of this year. The compilation is a legacy project created in honor of his 25th anniversary of being a recording artist. The multi-platinum selling artist recut his most popular hits such as “Love Me,” “Little Rock,” “That’s My Story,” “Little Red Rodeo” and more.

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