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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE LOOK: Shane Owens “It’s A Southern Thing”

Country Music Tattle Tale is excited to bring you an Exclusive Premiere look at Shane Owens “It’s a Southern Thing”

Diving straight into Shane’s new song “It’s a Southern Thing”, the title track from his upcoming EP (available tomorrow 6/29) “It’s A Southern Thing”, takes this gentle listener into those wonderful days and nights of pure country and soft guitar winding around a bold baritone Southern accent attached to a good looking country boy performing his heart out!

The song itself is steeped in traditional sounds with references to old times living in the South – a cast iron skillet filled with cornbread, which I may add is still a staple  in my oven, moonshine at the bottom of an old fruit jar and church ladies blessing everyone’s hearts.  This song takes one straight home if you are from the South, and if you are not it certainly makes you wish you were. The song references places, people and happenings in the South and makes one wish they were floating down a calm Southern river on a raft, or showboating on the mighty Mississippi while strumming a guitar in the summertime.  It’s true – no matter where  you’re from we all want some – because it’s a Southern Thing.

Shane blends his rich and bold baritone voice with a mixture of contemporary and classic country music that wraps the notes around the listener’s heart with a mixture of traditional southern storytelling and the twang of the Bible Belt.  He performs in honkey tonks and bars as well as the granddaddy of all music fests CMAMusic Fest and the Jamboree in the Hills.  This writer has attended both festivals numerous times and the sounds coming from Shane and his instrumentals are perfect for these events.  He has also appeared at the revered Grand Old Opry.

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Pre-Order “It’s a Southern Thing” HERE.

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  1. Cathy Grimes says:

    My FAMILY, Loves Shane. What you see, is who he is all the time. He is Country…..So Proud of him. He has the nicest family also.

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