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Bellamy Brothers Celebrate “Honky Tonk Ranch” Success

A global audience, including fans in three counties of their upcoming European tour, continue to tune into the Bellamy Brothers’ “Honky Tonk Ranch” on RFD-TV’s The Country Club.  “Honky Tonk Ranch,” which airs at 8:30 p.m. ET/7:30 p.m. CT on The Cowboy Channel, continues to be the most requested streaming show through Rural Media Group.

Viewers in Switzerland, Norway and Denmark are tuning in, too. The international music duo will be heading to those markets when they perform at the Trucker and Country Festival in Switzerland, Sorlandets Country Festival in Norway and Randers Country Festival in Denmark.

June 23 Trucker and Country Festival – Interlaken, Switzerland
June 28 Sorlandets Country Festival – Evje, Norway
June 30 Randers Country Festival – Randers, Denmark

The Bellamy Brothers’ reality show chronicles their “unusual lives, blending music stardom, vigorous road tours and cattle ranching” (Tampa Bay Times).

In addition to Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, U.S. and Canada, viewers are also watching “Honky Tonk Ranch” in China, U.K., Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, South Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Sweden, Spain, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Austria, Belize, Finland, Argentina, Bahamas, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Israel, Iran, Kenya, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Turkey, Bosnia
Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Egypt, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Slovakia and Zimbabwe.

International viewers are tuning in through the on-demand stream of The Country Club, available worldwide at Fans who purchase three months of RFD-TV’s The Country Club, at $10 a month, receive a fourth month free by entering the code: HonkyTonk.

In addition to “Honky Tonk Ranch,” the Bellamy Brothers recently released their autobiography “Let Your Love Flow:  The Life and Times of the Bellamy Brothers.” Autographed copies of their book are available EXCLUSIVELY at Special bundle prices also available when purchasing their book and 40th Anniversary 2-Disc CD set.

To keep up with this on-the-move-duo, you can follow the Bellamy Brothers on TwitterFacebookInstagram or visit

For the full program schedule and more information about The Cowboy Channel, visit

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