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EXCLUSIVE: Kendall Gary Shares New Track “Lie To Me”

There’s a fresh face that keeps popping up in the world of country music and she’s as fresh as a morning dew drop on a daisy!  Kendall Gary has released a few songs over the last couple of years  – “Crooked Smiles,” “17,” “Head Held High,” “Your Love” and today she is releasing her newest single “Lie To Me”.

Kendall has been singing since the tender age of 4 and studied Music Business in college while writing, singing, performing and producing her songs with a blaze of talent. She hails from a small town in Texas called Lewisville, but is destined, with her talent, to be able to call the world her own.

“Lie To Me” is a very straight forward song about lying in a relationship and this relationship is done no matter what the young man tries (and try he does!).  The tune itself and the musical accompaniment is also played out very simply and straight forward as she sings through the different scenarios of what Mr. Untruth is trying to do to return to her life; however the lies were like a permanent marker on her heart and there is no coming back.

The gentle listener will undoubtedly love as well as understand the purest simplicity of this song and will want to add to the collection of Kendall’s music compilations.  Her music can be purchased from Amazon Music, iTunes and Spotify and you can view some of her previous work on YouTube.  There are also free downloads of other songs by Kendall on SoundCloud – you can find all the information on Kendall at her website,

Take a listen to this exclusive first listen at Kendall Gary’s “Lie To Me.”

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