Cam Delights Fans at a Gay Cowboy Bar with Surprise Performance of Her Hit ‘Diane’

Yas, queen! Country artist Cam surprised fans late Tuesday night when she hit up New York City’s gay cowboy bar Flaming Saddles — and PEOPLE was there!

Within minutes of walking into the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood hotspot, a staffer recognized the Grammy-nominated star, invited her to hop on the bar and gave her a microphone before she performed her anthemic (and wildly underplayed!) single “Diane” while dancing on the bar alongside two barmen.

Patrons clapped and enthusiastically sang along to the “Jolene”-inspired track, which along with Cam’s other song “Runaway Train” is on constant rotation at the Western-themed establishment, where denim-clad bartenders perform choreographed dances to country hits on the bar

“Best night of my life,” she captioned a video that she shared on her Instagram Story.

After her impromptu performance, Cam, 33, posed for photos with Flaming Saddles bartenders and mingled with the crowd.

“Dancing on a bar with gay cowboys to Diane. I felt like the Cinderella of Flaming Saddles,” Cam later captioned an Instagram post Wednesday morning.

The surprise singalong served as an encore, as earlier in the evening the California native performed at the Brooklyn stop of her intimate Listening Room Tour.

Cam rose to fame in 2015 with her breakout hit “Burning House,” which appeared on her debut album Untamed and earned her a Best Country Solo Performance Grammy nomination. The singer released the infidelity-fueled “Diane” in October, and PEOPLE premiered the ’70s-tinged music video for the single in February.

In addition to preparing her sophomore album — expected later this year — Cam has collaborated across genres, cowriting the song “Palace” on Sam Smith’s The Thrill of It All.

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