Krystal Keith

Krystal Keith Returns With Boulder This Summer

Acclaimed Show Dog Nashville recording artist Krystal Keith will release the five-song EP Boulder July 13. Her second project for the label, Boulder also contains her buzz-building duet with label mate Lance Carpenter “Anyone Else.”

Building on the success of her debut album Whiskey & Lace, Boulder follows a two-year hiatus in which Keith welcomed her first child. Produced by Bobby Pinson, the five-song collection shows Keith’s growth as a songwriter and vocalist, as well as a more focused artistic vision.

“On the first album I really wanted to show I wouldn’t be boxed into one sound,” she says. “Boulder is more reflective of where I want to go right now.”

Working with Pinson for the first time helped her achieve the musical production she envisioned. “I’ve known Bobby for years,” she explains.

“He’s been at almost every one of my studio sessions just as a family friend offering help and suggestions. He is so talented, has such a passion for creating music and has a great ear for perfecting a track and bringing it to that next level. I came in with notes, advocated for changes, added in bigger runs and gave thoughts on things that might need tweaks. Bobby and I agreed on the majority of those changes. It really was a great collaboration.”

The results speak for themselves. From the expansive title track and cinematic “Then It Started Raining” to the energy and fun of “I Got You” and “Resting Beach Face,” the songs show a significant advancement of Keith’s artistic voice. And then there’s “Anyone Else,” the unexpected duet with label mate Lance Carpenter (Kelsea Ballerini’s “Love Me Like You Mean It”), who has become one of Keith’s frequent co-writers, with two writers’ credit on the EP.

Written by Emily Weisband, Benjy Davis and Mike Walker, “Boulder” spoke to Keith immediately.

“It doesn’t matter how strong you feel or how confident you are, there’s that one person in your life you’re always seeking approval from,” she says. “Someone who can take you down with one word. As a songwriter, I’m drawn to anything that’s lyrically strong but also a really cool groove. And I wanted to showcase my range and ability more on this project. Now that people know who I am as an artist, I wanted to open up with a big, rangy ballad.”

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