Country Music Royalty Hilary Williams Releases First Single Off Debut Album

Yesterday country music royalty, Hilary Williams released her first single “Crazy” from her debut album, My Lucky Scars.

Williams chose “Crazy” as the first single because, “it represents the two sides of love, everyone who has ever been in a relationship can relate to the song. “Crazy” is a timeless story,” she says.

Granddaughter of Hank Williams, Sr. and daughter of Hank Williams, Jr., Hilary is paving her own path with her first album. Coming out May 25th, My Lucky Scars is inspired by Williams’ 2006 near death accident and follows her journey in overcoming that harrowing experience.

Of the album Williams states, “This album is very personal for me. I have been working on it for awhile and it was incredible to see my vision come to life throughout the process.

My Lucky Scars is produced by Williams along with John Would (Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams) and Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant). “Crazy” is written by Natalie Hemby & Parish.

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“My Lucky Scars” Tracklist

1. Angel, Take My Hand (Ross Copperman/Heather Morgan/Hilary Williams)
2. Beautiful Things (Christi Bauerlee/Bill DiLuigi/Hilary Williams)
3. Free (Shayne Fair/Bobby Tomberlin/Hilary Williams)
4. Bedside Manner (Natalie Hemby/Hilary Williams)
5. Better Than Here (John Eddie/Hilary Williams)
6. The Day After The Circus (Natalie Hemby/Josh Osbourne/Shane McAnally)
7. Let Somebody Save Me (Kris Bergsnes/John Paul White/Hilary Williams)
8. My Lucky Scars (John Would)
9. Sign Of Life (Blu Sanders/Hilary Williams)
10. River (Joni Mitchell)
11. Shipwreck Rebecca Lynn Howard/Hilary Williams)
12. Crazy (Natalie Hemby/Lincoln Parish)

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