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Watch the Exclusive Premiere of The Dungarees “Don’t Hold Back” Music Video

Comprised of bassist/vocalist James Murdoch, guitarist/vocalist Robb Angus, guitarist/vocalist Kiron Jhass, steel player Darrek Anderson and drummer Ben Shillabeer, The Dungarees have a definitive musical mandate; Take the undeniable lyrical styling, twangy telecaster and steel guitar that they love from classic country, and inject it with harmony, modern intensity and pop sensibility.

Recently signed to Australian label Social Family Records, The Dungarees have been making a splash in the country scene since winning the top prize of Project WILD’s inaugural year in 2016. The band captured a Billboard Top 40 hit ‘I’m Down‘ and the momentum didn’t slow down through 2017 with their summer smash ‘Anywhere With You‘ – which earned them three ACMA Award wins earlier this year while they were on tour in Australia.

The Dungarees release their brand new single ‘Don’t Hold Back’ today (5/4) and CMTT is excited to share the exclusive music video with our readers first!

The Dungarees have always been up for a challenge,” says lead vocalist James Murdoch. “That’s kind of what this song encapsulates. We’re gonna give it our all when it comes to our music, love and causes we believe in. We don’t back down and we don’t hold back!

The video was so much fun to shoot! We had a bunch of our pals, Clayton Bellamy, Dan Davidson and Brandi Sidoryk make cameo appearances. We could hardly stop laughing long enough to get a full take.”

Get to Know The Dungarees:

  • Single: Don’t Hold Back
  • Musical Influences: Dwight Yoakam is a huge influence and we’ve been lucky enough to share tour dates with him and his amazing band.  We love The Eagles and get a lot of comparisons because of our harmonies, and because we’re a true band.  Midland is someone we’ve been listening to a lot lately and that always ends up shaping your sound somehow.  I’d say that Eric Church and Springsteen are also pretty big influences for the band.  Basically, if you can play well, write well and sing well, we’re big fans!
  • Personal Influences: We have a great scene back home in Alberta and our biggest personal influences are definitely our close friends who are also slugging it out as performers, making great music here in Canada.  We love to feel challenged and pushed by what they’re accomplishing and we love trying to push them and raise the bar along for them!
  • Why You Should Be Listening: Because we’re 5 hard working guys who are making country music based in the old school sound, and marrying it with some of the more current influences.  With 2 lead singers who trade off song for song, the music is filled with harmonies, great riffs, traditional pedal steel sounds and country grooves that fill the dance floor.  It’s Honky-tonk, roots and pop all rolled up into one.
  • Music Sounds Like: The Dungarees are based around great vocals and multi-layered harmonies.  Think The Eagles-meets-Dwight-meets-Waylon.  The song always comes first and the dancers always leave last…

Get Social with The Dungarees

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