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Eric Paslay, RaeLynn Team Up With Habitat for Humanity At ‘Home is the Key’ Block Party

Last year Eric Paslay partnered with Habitat for Humanity with the launch of their first national campaign, “Home is the Key,” which aims to lead new homeowners to a better lifestyle and highlight the need for affordable housing. Fast forward one year and the “Friday Night” singer joined forces with “Queens Don’t” singer RaeLynn and the Property Brothers, also known as Drew and Jonathan Scott, in a Home is the Key Block Party, where two single, hard-working mothers were handed over the keys to their newly built homes.

“I think it’s just so cool to see a community come together and see a community being built,” Paslay told us. “Someone told me you don’t own anything ever, God just lets you take care of it for a little while, and it’s really special just to see when a blessing like that happens in someone’s life.”

The two homebuyers took turns being presented the keys to their houses, and the entire time Paslay and RaeLynn watched alongside others who compiled a supportive crowd. Then, the spotlight shifted briefly as Paslay and RaeLynn surprised the Scott brothers by singing them an early “Happy Birthday” — their birthday was the upcoming Saturday, April 29. The pre-birthday celebration was followed by individual performances from each country act.

Following RaeLynn’s performance, she shared with us what makes Habitat for Humanity such a special cause to work with.

“My favorite thing about Habitat for Humanity is the fact that they give women, or even men, that are working their butts off already an opportunity to be homeowners,” she said. “They’re just setting them up for success … and they give them the opportunity to also be a part of building and putting their blood, sweat and tears into this home.”

The new homeowners weren’t the only ones whose blood, sweat and tears went into building these houses, though. In fact, both Paslay and RaeLynn contributed to the homes, so seeing the finished project was satisfying for not only the mothers receiving the houses but for the country artists as well.

“I love building things, from songs to houses,” Paslay said. “It’s a lot of fun, and both of those things are rewarding.”

RaeLynn, whose husband serves in the U.S. Army, understands as much as anyone just how important a home can be to a family.

“We (RaeLynn and her husband) both live crazy lives — he’s always in different places, and I am too — but one thing I can say is our house that we have, everytime we’re there it’s just like this sense of peace that we know that we have this to come back to,” RaeLynn said. “I know that we love that security and it’s brought us closer in our relationship to know that we built this thing together, so I can only imagine how these families feel today.”

And while Paslay is a songwriting genius, he proves himself to be quite the DIY specialist, too — he calls it “saving money, spending time.” But, for anyone who feels that their DIY skills may not be up to par, Paslay encourages people to help anyway.

“You don’t have to know what you’re doing, someone will teach you, and that’s the coolest thing about it,” he said. “Just as long as you’re willing to work and learn and be a good vibe, show up and be a part of it.”

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