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Muscadine Bloodline Breaks Top Ten All Genre Album Chart with New EP “Movin’ On”

Today, MOVIN’ ON, the latest five-track EP from critically-acclaimed duo Muscadine Bloodline, is available at digital retailers and streaming platforms everywhere. The EP is currently sitting at #2 on the iTunes Top Country Albums chart just behind Keith Urban’s GRAFFITI U and top ten on all genres Top Albums Chart.

Download/Stream MOVIN’ ON here.

A day prior to release (4/26), Rolling Stone Country offered fans a first taste of Muscadine Bloodline’s new music, highlighting title track “Movin’ On” as a song that “merges epic, Kings of Leon-style rock with bummed-out country drama.”

“We wanted to just take everything from this EP and have a bunch of different sounds,” shares Gary Stanton, one-half of the Muscadine Bloodline duo, with Rolling Stone Country.

“A lot of people will tell you that you want to record more songs that sound similar. [Like] it needs to match in a way. To us, we’re like why the hell not? Put out five or six songs that are slightly different so you can catch any kind of fan base, any kind of audience the song requires,” adds Charlie Muncaster, Stanton’s counterpart of the duo that makes up Muscadine Bloodline.

Other stand-out tracks include “I Can’t Tell You No,” which Rolling Stone Country says, “employs silky R&B textures to convey romantic contentment” while ‘Put Me on a Pond’ is described as “a blissful, deeply twangy ode to the simplicity of spending one’s days fishing.”

Read the full article on Rolling Stone Country here.

All five tracks on the EP were co-written by Stanton and Muncaster, rounded out with some of Nashville’s most revered songwriters including Carey Barlowe, Derek George, Josh Jenkins, Chase McGill, Tyler Reeve and Will Weatherly. MOVIN’ ON was produced by Creative Nation’s Luke Laird, who first discovered the Alabama natives shortly after they relocated to Nashville.

1. “Gravel” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/Derek George)
2. “You On Me” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/Tyler Reeve)
3. “Can’t Tell You No” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/Chase McGill/Will Weatherly)
4. “Put Me On A Pond” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/Josh Jenkins)
5. “Movin’ On” (Gary Stanton/Charlie Muncaster/Cary Barlowe)

This weekend, Muscadine Bloodline will share songs from the new EP as they make their debut at Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, CA. They will perform on SiriusXM’s Spotlight stage at 1:25pm PST on Saturday, April 28.

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