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Hotdamalama, Parmalee Knows How to Throw a Party!

What happens when you take a group of guys that know how to party and strand them on a deserted island?

That’s the premise of the new Parmalee music video for their single “Hotdamalama.”

The anthem for your summer shenanigans is part of the band’s new EP “Party Pack,” which is available now. It’s a six-pack of songs that takes you through a weekend full of wild parties, morning mimosas, day drinkin’ and solving those weird morning-after questions (like how a car ended up in the pool). Each song in the pack was co-written by lead singer, Matt Thomas including the new brand new tracks, “Last Night” and “These Are The Good Days.”

“We handpicked the songs on the Party Pack to be the perfect soundtrack for a good time—whether folks are grilling, chilling or gearing up for a wild weekend,” said Matt Thomas of Parmalee. “We love being able to bring people together for some good old fashion fun and hope people turn it up and enjoy it.”

The guys brought the party to Nashville to celebrate the release of their new music with a high-energy performance. Spotted in the crowd was Craig Wiseman, who co-wrote “Hotdamalama” with Tommy Cecil and Parmalee’s Matt Thomas.


  1. “Hotdamalama” (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Craig Wiseman)
  2. “Day Drinkin’” (Matt Thomas, Blair Daly)
  3. “Musta Had A Good Time” (Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, David Fanning)
  4. “Mimosas” (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Jared Tyler Mullins)
  5. “Last Night” (Matt Thomas, Tom Douglas)
  6. “These Are The Good Days” (Matt Thomas, Tully Kennedy, Jon Nite)


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