Cole Bradley’s “What We’ll Get Into” is the Perfect Summer Jam

Country artist Cole Bradley is proud to debut his high-energy new single “What We’ll Get Into.”

Originally from Western Canada, Cole moved to Nashville to expand his musical career, which he said “feels like an entirely different world.”

“Moving to Nashville has been incredible, it’s really opened my eyes to the country music industry. The culture, the weather, and being a ‘small fish in a large pond’ in the music business has been shocking and at times challenging,” says Cole in his interview with Country Fancast. “But the best part is that I’ve met some of the kindest people here and I love how everyone in the music community is so collaborative. There is so much amazing talent here that it makes me want to work harder every day and push myself to new heights.”

This single is the first of many more feel-good tracks to come later this summer.

“This is a true story of a couple years back when I started dating this girl. I wrote this song about how it feels to jump into a relationship and just click with that person right away,” explains Cole, about this single. “This song describes the ‘honeymoon phase’, right at the beginning of any relationship when there are no worries or drama, etc. Everybody’s been there, it’s crazy, chaotic, fun and nothing else matters. I had such a blast writing this song with my fellow co-writers and working on such a fun and exciting story.”

Country singer and songwriter, Cole Bradley, is an up and coming contender in the North American music scene. Growing up listening to the likes of Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw, Bradley first graced the stage at the young age of five. Since then, Cole has fostered a passion for performing and sharing his music with others. “As an artist, it is important for me to share my feelings through the songs. When people listen to my music, my hope is that they connect and relate to my stories,” says Bradley.

Much like Bradley himself, his songs are upbeat, positive and full of life. He is a natural entertainer with an infectious energy. His unique vocals and his edgy country sound, make his music fresh and original. Whether he is belting out a rowdy party anthem or a heartfelt ballad, he is able to captivate fans of all ages with his sense of humor, warmth and honest songwriting.

Bradley has had the privilege of working with world class producers and writers in Canada, Nashville and Los Angeles and has opened for various country music entertainers including Thomas Rhett, High Valley, Chad Brownlee, and Brett Kissel. Prior to making the move to Nashville, Bradley was chosen as a finalist in the inaugural year of Project Wild, one of Canada’s biggest artist development programs and was also nominated for Fan’s Choice at the Alberta Country Music Association Awards. Since his move to Nashville, Bradley has continued to work on the craft of songwriting while playing at local venues including the historic Bluebird Cafe where he made his debut in September 2017 and played again in February 2018, happily returning to play for the attentive audiences for which the The Bluebird is famous.

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