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Jason Crabb Perfectly Blends Genres with New Album, “Unexpected”

With a GRAMMY already in hand, Gospel singer Jason Crabb released a new album on April 20, 2018, produced by Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts – this is their second album together. His new album also features a duet with Gary LeVox (Rascall Flatts) and pop singer, Kaya Jones

Jason has an impressive history in music: lead vocalist of “The Crabb Family” for years, sang with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, won several GMA Dove Awards and a Grammy for Best Southern/Country/Bluegrass Gospel Album in 2010. He has also performed on the Grand Ole Opry, at Carnegie Hall, sang with a plethora of other well-known artists and has been covered in many magazine articles as well. He is no stranger to the music industry with his strong vocals and engaging presence on stage.

“Unexpected” is a mixture of Christian and country and the blending of both genres works quite well. The title song, “Expect the Unexpected”, pops open right at the beginning with guitar riffs and drum rolls that take the listener down the road into a fun song combining reflections from the Gospel with personal expectations and is indeed a very lively and catchy tune.

“You Chose To Be My Friend” featuring Gary LeVox is a longer and softer duet with the quiet but melodic notes one would expect from the coupling of these two voices. They completely compliment each other with their trilling scales laid against strong drum instrumentals. This is a lovely, meaningful and somewhat sorrowful Christian song and so well worth the listen.

Another very solid ballad is the duet he sings with Kaya Jones, “Let It Be Love” and the blending of their voices is nothing short of beautiful perfection.

This album is one for the ages and Dear Listener, you will love it! Purchase on Amazon, iTunes and Jason’s website at You can follow him at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well.

Unexpected Track Listing:
1. Expect the Unexpected
2. Day One
3. You Chose To Be My Friend with Gary LeVox
4. Mercy We Can’t Go Beyond
5. Let It Be Love with Kaya Jones
6. Short Are The Years
7. Washed By The Water
8. He Made You
9. Love Will Have the Final Word
10. The Love In Your Heart Knows the Way

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