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Country Music Artists Reflect on Their Friendship with The First Lady Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush, the admired wife of President George Bush, died Tuesday evening at her home in Houston. She was 92.  Jim McGrath, a family spokesman, announced the death in a statement posted to Twitter.


As the world reacted to her death so did the country music community:

“What a beautiful, classic lady Barbara Bush was. I remember standing with her on the White House lawn seeing off the President in the presidential helicopter going to Camp David. She reminded me so much of my own mother with her soft spoken strength and graciousness. It was clear to see how much the President loved and leaned on her. I feel so blessed to have met her and spent a little time with her. All my thoughts of love to the entire Bush family.”
-Tanya Tucker

“I first met Barbara Bush doing literacy events. We hit it off and I was even invited to their private living area in the White House.  I was always surprised at her bodacious, ‘tell it like it is’ personality.  She loved her husband and sons fiercely. She will be missed.”
-Naomi Judd

“We’ve lost an American treasure. It was my honor and my privilege to have known the 41st President of the United States of America and his beautiful wife. She brought dignity, class, integrity and beauty to a world that can always use those traits. Our world will miss you.”
-Brenda Lee

“Former First Lady Barbara Bush was an American original, the kind they don’t make anymore. Our hearts and prayers are with the entire Bush Family.”
-Bellamy Brothers

“She was half of the longest marriage in presidential history and the matriarch of a political family dynasty. That’s a level of commitment that you want in a First Lady.  She committed her life to President Bush and their family, but also to improving the lives of all Americans.  She will be missed.”
-Frank Foster

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