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Matt Stell and “Last of the Best”

Matt Stell released his EP “Last of the Best” on March 15 and he has country singing down to a “T” – he is pure country and is very easy listening on ears that love country music!

The EP is a combination of heavy and traditional rooted country music and lighter, more contemporary melodies and verses that satisfy the entire realm of the country music lover’s taste for music. Matt is very versatile at taking the listener down tracks of heartaches and whiskey and bringing them back with lighter tunes about love, life and happiness.

Matt explains his sound simply, saying,

“For me, the measure of authenticity in music isn’t how close it gets to the past; it’s how it leads you to a place where it’s coming from a true part of your own life.” He continues, “I want what I say through my songs and my performance to mean something to people the way that my favorite music means something to me. I hope that audience is as big and diverse as possible. As long as I’m able to achieve that, then I will feel like I’ve won.”

“Better I Drink” has strong instrumentals and Matt puts you in the “drinker’s” seat with this song, which may well be a new king of drinking songs and it’s melody makes the listener sway with the notes and pictures of being seated at a Nashville bar – bartender and all!

“When I See One” is a slow tempered ballad about different scenarios that could possibly be fodder for a good country song. It’s insightful and sounds like the painful heartaches that can turn into that song.

“Prayed for You” is a lighter, less dramatic tune than the preceding ones and has a very lilting and melodic feel. The song is about praying for that perfect love long before she appeared and before he knew her name or saw her face. It’s a love song for the ages.

“Nothing Wrong”, “Last of the Best” and “Sex, Drugs and Country Music” round out this exciting EP that is available for purchase through the online outlets. This is an EP that you will want to round out your collection!


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Last of The Best Track Listing:
1. “Better I Drink” – Matt Stell, Autumn McEntire, Larry McCoy
2. “When I See One” – Matt Stell, Autumn McEntire, Chris Roberts
3. “Prayed For You” – Matt Stell, Ash Bowers, Allison Veltz
4. “Nothing Wrong” – Matt Stell, Brett Beavers, John Caldwell
5. “Last Of The Best” – Matt Stell, Autumn McEntire, Danielle Blakey
6. “Sex, Drugs, & Country Music” – Matt Stell

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