Matt Stell Releases Debut EP “Last of the Best”

Country music newcomer Matt Stell has released his debut EP, Last of the Best. Produced by Stell and Ash Bowers from Wide Open Music, the six-song EP is available now to download and stream.

Last of The Best, a collection of original songs co-penned by Stell, offers sounds dripping with deep roots in classic country, but with an urgency that speaks to today’s audiences. From the swaggering, barroom beat on “Nothing Wrong,” to the party-down groove of “Better I Drink,” Stell successfully delivers tracks to cover every emotion. His inviting vocals, knack for sharp hooks to catchy melodies and ability to write lyrics that feel conversational, insightful and sometimes just damn funny, he sounds like he’s been connected to music for several lifetimes.

Stell explains his sound simply, saying,

“For me, the measure of authenticity in music isn’t how close it gets to the past; it’s how it leads you to a place where it’s coming from a true part of your own life.” He continues, “I want what I say through my songs and my performance to mean something to people the way that my favorite music means something to me. I hope that audience is as big and diverse as possible. As long as I’m able to achieve that, then I will feel like I’ve won.”

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Last of The Best Track Listing:
1. “Better I Drink” – Matt Stell, Autumn McEntire, Larry McCoy
2. “When I See One” – Matt Stell, Autumn McEntire, Chris Roberts
3. “Prayed For You” – Matt Stell, Ash Bowers, Allison Veltz
4. “Nothing Wrong” – Matt Stell, Brett Beavers, John Caldwell
5. “Last Of The Best” – Matt Stell, Autumn McEntire, Danielle Blakey
6. “Sex, Drugs, & Country Music” – Matt Stell

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