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Chris Janson Deserves To Be The Opry’s Newest Member, Here’s Why

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Chris Janson made an all-new name for himself last night as he became the Grand Ole Opry’s newest member. He follows country music greats — Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Oak Ridge Boys, Loretta Lynn and more — but it’s by no accident that Janson received the highly coveted invitation. Since 2015, when Janson released his monster single, “Buy Me a Boat,” he’s proven that he’s not only an incredible vocalist and performer but that he’s committed to country music and its fans.

Below, we highlight four of Janson’s key qualities that illustrate his worthiness to the Opry member list, including everything from his admirable lyricism to his electric stage presence.


It’s no secret that Janson has quite the rowdy side. Just listen to his 2017 album, Everybody, and you’ll run across tracks like “Redneck Life” that scream country outlaw. While those are fun songs to blurt lyrics to, Janson’s songwriting maintains a depth that many other singer-songwriters lack.

Fans first caught a glimpse of Janson’s flipside in his 2016 single “Holdin’ Her,” which takes listeners on the journey of a troubled man who finds a woman “in an underground pool hall” who led him “down a new road,” a better road. He recently confirmed his versatility with his current single, “Drunk Girl,” which entails a whole different meaning than what the title may suggest.

He’s co-written hit songs for other artists, too, including “Truck Yeah” and “How I’ll Always Be,” both of which were cut by Tim McGraw.


It’s one thing to write and record a song; it’s another to create a realistic scenario within the listener’s head each time the song is played. And that’s just what Janson does with his knack of storytelling. Whether you’re listening in your car or experiencing it live in concert, it’s as if he snatches your hand and acts as your personal guide for the next three or so minutes. Note-by-note, you, the listener, are there with Janson as the story unfolds.

“Fix a Drink” exemplifies this perfectly. “Well it’s hotter than hell outside right now / It’s 100 in the shade with the sun beating down,” Janson sings in the track’s intro. Already the listener is right there with Janson, sweat trickling and all. If anything defines country music it’s storytelling, and Janson tackles the craft effortlessly.

Stage presence

Janson is a master of the stage, that’s for sure — like a rocket, he explodes in front of his audience. His energy is both contagious and mesmerizing, because let’s face it, not many can deliver at his level. Whether he’s blasting the rhythm of his harmonica or gracefully playing the piano, he knows how to command the stage like no one else can.

Tickets cost hard-earned money, and Janson recognizes that and makes it his mission to end everyone’s night feeling like their time and money were both well-spent. Not to mention, Janson’s live vocals surpass expectations, even after he’s traveled the stage several times. Seeing Janson live really should be a rite of passage for everyone. Yes, he’s that good.


Janson is dedicated, and that’s something you want in an Opry member. First and foremost, he’s dedicated to the genre of country music. In a climate where it’s cool to experiment with other musical influences, which is how sub-genres like pop-country came to existence, Janson remains loyal to preserving the same country music fans first flocked decades ago.

He’s also dedicated to his listeners. His social media presence is one admired by many, especially fans like Deanne Costa.

“Great time tonight! Chris you are an amazing one man band. Your energy is unlike any other! Hope you liked our shirts! We are HUGE fans!!!” Costa said in a tweet to Janson following a show in California. Costa and a friend were pictured wearing shirts referencing “Who’s Your Farmer,” a track on Janson’s latest album.

“Thank you & I love your shirts !!! Until next time,” Janson responded.

Costa isn’t the only lucky fan acknowledged by Janson; in fact, he regularly interacts with listeners via social media.

These are just a few reasons Janson belongs on the Opry member list. Back in February, fellow member Keith Urban extended the Opry invite at Janson’s sold-out Ryman Auditorium show. He surprised guests by joining Janson on stage for a collaboration on John Michael Montgomery’s “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident).”

“Chris it’s amazing for you to have a sold-out show at the Ryman,” Urban said. “It’s one of my most favorite places in the world to play. I remember when I was invited to a member of the Grand Ole Opry here, so well, it’s only natural I say we would like to invite you to be the newest member of our family.”

Janson accepted, of course, and left Urban with a hug. He was officially inducted as the Opry’s newest member last night.

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