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Stephanie Owens is a Heart Taker!

There’s a new star on the horizon and she’s looking to shake up how the world perceives success and the steps it takes to achieve it.  This young star is doing things her way – she has dodged the daunting road to an EP release and reached out to the fairly new (in years) process of crowd funding by funding her soon-to-be released EP through Kickstarter.

Stephanie grew up in a musical family and knew that was the course she would take in life  but decided to try and go about it in the conventional manner of college first, and then I’m sure she had thought about traditional funding and record label signing at some point.

She eventually became really tired of all that she was doing – she was at the end of the college studies (a Bachelor’s Degree in three years!) and focusing so much on what must come next, stressing over not slowing down and looking to the future –that she found she was just missing the moments in life that made living worthwhile.

A year and a half ago she decided to leave the mundane and everything she really knew to chase the Nashville dream.  She had already been performing but with a new outlook she was finding out who she was while living her dreams of performing.  She also had the lead in a popular Netflix movie, “Finding Faith” co-starring with Erik Strada and wrote and sang two of the songs.

Stephanie is not only a vocalist but also a songwriter, and she cowrote every song on her new and upcoming EP.  Her first single, “Heart Taker”, is to be released on March 23, 2018.  The songs on the EP are hers and are reflective of who she was, who she is now, and who she’ll  continue to be.  She is in touch with her career, her talents, and her feelings in such a way that the only place left to go is up, up and away!

The EP is a mixture of songs and sounds exclusively hers.  “Heart Taker” is groovy and indicative of the music that came out of Nashville in the ’80s and should do well on the charts.

“Little Girl in the Mirror” speaks to self image especially as a young lady.  This song is reflective of the tumultuous teenage years when you’re trying to find yourself instead of being what others think you should be.

“Rest” is a lovely song about faith; “Behind the Wheel” is a catchy tune about the wheels not making the man but it’s the man behind the wheel; and “Box of Letters” is actually about the love letters she began writing when she was12  to give to her future husband on their wedding day!  How romantic is that?  And yes – she is married and I imagine he now has the box!

Listen for the new single and keep an eye out for the release of the new EP – and follow her on FB, Twitter and her website,


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