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Charlie Daniels’ Volunteer Jam XX: Over 30 Songs, All-Star Band and Diverse Performances

Photo Credit: Rick Diamond

Just hours before entertainers such as Alabama, Alison Krauss, Billy Gibbons, Chris Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the man of the hour, Charlie Daniels and many more took the stage, Rolling Stone noted, “there really is no better showcase for Charlie Daniels or his namesake Band than the Volunteer Jam, the musical carnival that Daniels has kept going since its inception in 1974… The Volunteer Jam didn’t merely become an institution, it reflected how Charlie Daniels thought about his music.”

With a killer ensemble and set list of over 30 songs – from Jamey Johnson’s take on Daniels’ “Long Haired Country Boy” to Skynryd’s performance of “Sweet Home Alabama” to Devon Allman, Duane Betts and Chuck Leavell’s once-in-a-lifetime collaboration on “Midnight Rider” to, of course, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” a packed Bridgestone Arena witnessed over four hours of incredible music continuing the Jam’s legacy.

“Volunteer Jam XX had a kind of “specialness” about it.  The caliber, quantity and variety of talent who took the stage crossed lines, demographics, genres and styles that, while truly diverse, blended together to make for what was most likely the most entertaining Volunteer Jam in its 44 year history.” -Charlie Daniels

Following “Devil,” the all-star backing band paused while Travis Campbell, Glen Campbell’s son presented Daniels with the Tennessee National Guard Minuteman Award. Volunteer Jam emcee Storme Warren then introduced two Navy SEALs, David Rutherford and “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell, for a moment spotlighting the beneficiary of tonight’s concert, the Journey Home Project. The duo surprised Daniels by presenting him with the inaugural Team Never Quit Lifetime Achievement Award for his support of our servicemen and women.

AXS TV filmed the concert event for a primetime broadcast special this summer; information on air date and time to be announced at a later date. Stay tuned to for more details.

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