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Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Invite Jason Aldean Back to Finish Route 91 Concert

A group of Jason Aldean fans who survived the tragic Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas have come together to present him with a special gift and a request: finish the show.

Tiffany Thomas, who was at the concert when shots rang out, was inspired to start a Facebook group—“58 Survivors 1 Last Set”—for fellow survivors of the horrific event.

“After it happened, all I could think about was Jason Aldean,” Thomas told 13 Action News in Vegas about that fateful night. “I kept thinking like he was up there, he was on that stage, he was singing for us.”

Another Route 91 survivor, Gina McKin, joined the group, and soon the women had an idea: a Shutterfly book that they would make specifically for Jason.

The 91-page book is loaded with photos from the event before the shooting destroyed the festival and so many lives of those in attendance.

The ladies are sending the book and some other gifts to Jason along with the request for him to return to Vegas for a special show for Route 91 survivors and the families of the victims.

“It would just be so bonding and so amazing and so emotional and I think so healing,” McKin said. “I hope that when he opens it, he just sees that we love him and that we know what he’s going through.”

According to 13 Action News, Jason’s communications team is “excited” to see the book, but there are no plans for Jason’s return to Vegas as of yet.

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  1. He’s going back there for I guess a 3 day tour in December and nothing about whether it will be a benefit (like the concert in Manchester after the attack there) was announced or even offering all those who were affected by this horrific atrocity free tickets (the last thing these people if they choose to attend this show is to purchase tickets). Even changing the venue (it’s going to be held at an MGM Resorts owned property which obviously is facing multiple lawsuits) out of RESPECT for all those people

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