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Shenandoah is Locked, Loaded and “Reloaded”

Country band Shenandoah rocked our world for years and they are rocking it to the max right now with their new album and tour “Reloaded”.  Their 30th year anniversary tour began February 16, 2018 and the new album is due to drop March 16, 2018.

With three awards under their belt – ACM Vocal Group of the Year (1991), CMA Vocal Event of the Year (1992), and a Grammy for the Best Country Collaboration with Vocals (1995) – Shenandoah is as strong today as they have ever been.

The album is a collection of live performances the band played while on tour in 2017 so the album is like having them live in your head all the time!  It is a 12 track collection of many of their famous songs we all know:  “Next to You, Next to Me”, “If Bubba Can Dance I Can Too” and “Moon Over Georgia” just to name a few.

There are also three new songs recorded live as well that you will also love: “Noise”, “That’s Where I Grew Up” and “Little Bit of Livin”. These are the first songs in 20 years that Shenandoah has released new music to public radio and they are golden to the ears of a Shenandoah fan!

The new songs are solid Shenandoah sound with their tight instrumentals and  perfect vocals.  The melodies are flowing and sometimes softly wrap the listener with memories from long ago (“That’s Where I Grew Up”).

“A Little Bit of Livin” may just make you feel like you are somewhere down in the Bayou for a few minutes or at least take you to a toe-tapping time for awhile.

“Noise” has a way of putting the noisy world into perspective when one is in love – it’s really a melodious love story that has a way of putting a silly smile on the listener’s face thinking about kissing away the world.

The album and the tour are a fresh and welcome addition this year for those of us who have always loved Shenandoah’s music and if you are new to the band, welcome!

Reloaded Track Listing: 

“Next to You, Next to Me”
“If Bubba Can Dance, I Can Too”
“The Moon Over Georgia”
“Mama Knows”
“Sunday in the South”
“I Want to Be Loved Like That”
“Ghost in This House”
“Two Dozen Roses”
“Church on Cumberland Road”
“That’s Where I Grew Up”
“Little Bit of Livin”

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