Jimmie Allen

Jimmie Allen Makes BIG Country Radio Debut With “Best Shot”

Stoney Creek Records’ Jimmie Allen made his Country radio debut earlier this week (2/20) with his eagerly anticipated first single “Best Shot,” which secured its position as the 2nd Most Added song at Country Radio. This remarkable debut comes on the tail of being recognized on nearly every “One to Watch” list for 2018 after quietly dropping his self-titled EP in October.

The hot newcomer instantly won over music lovers on digital streaming players with his cutting-edge melodic mix of Country and rock, soulful groove and heartfelt lyrics. Fans immediately latched onto “Best Shot,” quickly pushing Allen to the top of the players’ Country music playlists and beyond.

Written by Jimmie Allen, Josh London and JP Williams, “Best Shot” is a personal song, inspired by advice from Jimmie’s grandmother.

“It’s incredibly special to be able to introduce myself to Country music with such a personal song that was inspired by the person who always encouraged me to pursue my dreams,” said Allen. “I’ve always dreamt of what it would feel like to turn on the radio and hear my own song playing through my speakers and I’m so thankful to Country radio for helping make that dream a reality.”

In addition to sharing his first single and embarking on an extensive nationwide radio tour, Allen is also telling his story to the world, which Taste of Country declared “the most feel-good story since fans learned of Shania Twain’s hard luck upraising,” with a brand new docu-series “Jimmie Allen All In.”

Jimmie Allen, produced by Ash Bowers and Eric Torres is available for purchase HERE.

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