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New Song Showcase: “Time’s Up” by Song Suffragettes

The music industry has been put on notice by the new single “Time’s Up” sung by a collective group of 23 women who call themselves “Song Suffragettes”.  Each of the members of the collective have either themselves, or other women they know, experienced  personal misconduct of some degree since arriving in Nashville.

As many of you may already know, Time’s Up is a movement founded on January 1, 2018, as described in the New York Times, against sexual harassment by Hollywood celebrities in response to what was happening at the time with Weinstein and the movement #MeToo.

While watching the Golden Globes this year two of the Suffragettes – Kalie Shorr and Lacy Green – wrote the song “Time’s Up” and the song is already the talk of Nashville.

The song has a powerful video as the women, dressed in black, walking towards the camera on a lonely and cold country road with fog encasing the countryside.  The strength that exudes from these females as they are walking and singing is powerful, raw and embracing of time’s essence and clarity of purpose.

The vocals have strength in the lyrics and the instrumentation, instead of  overpowering or taking one’s ear away from the singers, actually gives support and is uplifting to them both as individuals and collectively – similar to the phrase “wind beneath my wings”.

There are lyrics in this song that resonate with the concerns of the times not only in Hollywood and Nashville but across our world, as women are globally rebelling against age-old “norms” that have held them back and humiliated them since the beginning of time.

Time’s Up” for the cheaters cause now the game has changed.

Great song and video and it is about time that “Time’s Up”!

Time’s Up by Song Suffragettes on VEVO.

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