Kalie Shorr Releases Rock-Infused EP “Awake”

Country rockstress Kalie Shorr released Awake last night to an at-capacity crowd of fans, music industry and friends in Nashville. The highly-anticipated new project features seven songs that bring a rock-infused sound to country, showcasing Shorr’s authenticity, passion and energy which she injects into her music. Awake is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify.

“I have always said that I loved country music because it was raw, real, and honest,” Shorr explains. “But until now, I found myself glossing over my truth, whether I meant to or not. The truth is, I have lived a lot in 23 years. My life has been messy and beautiful, sometimes at the same time. So this time around, I made a promise to myself to be vulnerable and not hold back- just make REAL music. I feel like I took a really big step, both career wise but also personally. Everything about this project is what makes me who I am, and I owe all seven of these songs for showing me exactly what that is. I was so intentional with the lyrics, the guitars, the visuals. Seeing it come to life has been so magical and honestly, it feels like I’m walking around my own little world where cotton candy grows on trees and they play Dixie Chicks and Paramore on the same radio station. I am so thankful to get to celebrate this with my producer Skip Black and my incredible teams at Cassetty Entertainment, CAA, and 117. It takes a village and they are the best village a girl could ask for.”

Awake Track Listing:
1. Awake (Kalie Shorr / Skip Black)
2. Two Hands (Kalie Shorr / Lena Stone / Emily Reid)
3. Candy (Kalie Shorr / Allison Veltz / Emily Wright / Tommy English)
4. Backseat (Kalie Shorr / Skip Black / Savannah Keyes)
5. Damn Sky (Kalie Shorr / Eric Dodd / Riley Thomas)
6. Who What When Where Why (Kalie Shorr / Rami Jrade / Eli Hirsch)
7. Cool Kids (Kalie Shorr / Skip Black / Savannah Keyes)

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Feb. 15 – Albany, N.Y. – The Palace Theatre
Feb. 16 – Verona, N.Y – Turning Stone Resort Casino – The Showroom
Feb. 17 – Medford, Mass. – Chevalier Theatre
Feb. 23 – Athens, Ohio – Templeton- Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium
Feb. 24 – Richmond, Ky. – EKU Center for the Arts
Feb. 25 – Joliet, Ill. – Rialto Square Theatre
March 9 – Salina, Kan. – Stiefel Theatre for the Performing Arts
March 10 – Pocola, Okla. – Choctaw Casino Resort- Centerstage
March 15 – Kansas City, Mo. – Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts – Muriel Kauffman Theatre
March 16 – Prior Lake, Minn. Mystic Lake Casino- Mystic Showroom
March 17 – Waukegan, Ill. – Venue TBA
April 6 – Lake Charles, La. – Golden Nugget
April 7 – Mobile, Ala. – Saenger Theatre

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