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Dom Wier Delivers Edgy “New Waters” EP

Dom Wier is no stranger to Nashville or the rest of America for that matter. He is not new to the trials and tribulations of touring in vans across the heartlands of America and performing in smokey little local bars, wineries, outdoor festivals and theaters. Many miles are still spent awake in the wee hours of the mornings either finishing up a show or traveling to others.

Dom has been on the road for 8 years with a full band and also as an acoustic artist who has shared the stages with the likes of Shooter Jennings, Fogheat, Candlebox, Blackberry Smoke and Asleep at the Wheel to name a few. He is a songwriter and performer with the flavors of country and rock in his soul and originally hails from the Southern Illinois area where he gained a lot of his expertise around the St. Louis area. When he relocated to Nashville he began a solo career intertwining rock, folk and country influences with perfection.

He has released to date three EP’s: “Jaded Dreamer”, “After the Flood” and “Born on the Mississippi”. His current EP “New Waters” is due out January 19, 2018 and his fans are eagerly awaiting the release. Meanwhile, Dom continues his journey down the road writing and performing and gathering new fans wherever he lands.

Dom’s voice has an interesting sound of being life worn with a slight raspy edge, much like the person he must be, wandering from town to town weaving his music and stories in song as he goes through life. This EP is one that will leave you wanting to hear more and perhaps see this artist in person and meet the man behind the songs.

Here is a run down of some songs on the new EP that will make you want to be sure and purchase the EP to hear for yourself!

“Doses” – This is an upbeat song utilizing great guitar and strong drums that for some reason just painted a picture to me of wide open spaces. Maybe because it spoke to winters and grey days and the thoughts that everything comes in doses, some weak some strong – like the winds of the West blowing across the Badlands.

“That Don’t Mean It’s The Truth” is a slower paced story line song about being passed outside a bar and being too far gone to go anywhere. Waking up at 7:00 AM in a town on a Tennessee morning lends to the thought of someone without a loved one to call his own. If you ask he’ll say he’s ok but….hey – that don’t mean it’s the truth, you know? Have we all said we are ok when it is not the truth? A good song about feelings and going through life alone.

A nice ballad, “Mission Statement” reminds one to dream like a kid and make your own way while being yourself. It’s a light ballad filled with life lessons about not giving up on yourself and has a tune that sticks around after the song is finished.

“Early Spring” is a darker love song about losing love in the summer without a good bye and surviving rains and bitter snows in the winter as one prays for an early spring as well as praying for the loved one to return. It is truly a heartfelt song of love and loss.

Follow Dom at to purchase this new independent EP and keep up with his tour schedule. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram .

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