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New & Noteworthy – Dom Wier

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With a tip of the hat to heartland rock heroes, like Petty, Seger and Mellencamp, Dom Wier weaves a thread of roots country rock songwriting with a classic middle American touch. Originally from Southern Illinois near the banks of the Mississippi River, he cut his teeth playing guitar and singing in different bands in the St. Louis area. After a move to Nashville to pursue songwriting and immerse himself in music, he began performing as a solo artist, meshing his rock and folk influences (Carole King, Jim Croce, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles) with those of country giants like Waylon, Willie and Johnny Cash.

Two EPs Jaded Dreamer and After The Flood were produced and recorded with Grammy winning engineer Nick Autry (Buddy Guy, Chris Young) at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, TN. A six song EP “Born On The Mississippi”, released July 30th, 2013, was recorded over a several month period at different studios near Nashville. It features a version of “Tear Me Back Apart”, a song written by the highly respected Americana tunesmith John Moreland. Dom has been steadily touring since 2010. There have been plenty of full band tours in old beat up vans and many stripped down acoustic shows all over the United States.

From the dark corners of smoky backwoods bars to wineries, theaters and festival stages, the journey of this particular working musician has brought lots of miles traveled down long highways at 2am, meeting all kinds of folks from different backgrounds and sharing show bills with acts like Asleep At The Wheel, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Shooter Jennings, Blackberry Smoke, Candlebox, Foghat, members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Toto among others. After a solo hiatus and a stint in the Nashville based Americana group The Good Routes, Dom joined up with producer/friend Matthew Miller. They’ve recorded several new songs for an upcoming solo EP titled “New Waters” due out January 19th, 2018. These songs blend rock, country and blues textures with an honest, slightly roadworn, Midwestern tinged vocal delivery.

Dom Wier continues to roll down highways relying on perseverance and heart, writing songs and taking the hard won little victories as they come. The future is wide open. Stay tuned.

Get to Know CMTT’s New & Noteworthy Artist Dom Wier: 

Current Single/Project: New Waters EP

Musical InfluencesTom Petty, Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Carole King, Van Morrison, among others.  I like a lot of guitars on my records but that’s nothing new.  We blended some rock, country and blues textures musically for this record.

Personal InfluencesI’m a big fan of classic Singer Songwriters in the rock, folk and country genres — Tom Petty, Neil Young, Carole King, Ray Charles, Van Morrison, Waylon Jennings, The Allman Brothers, Jim Croce.  I love Americana roots artists, Texas country and red dirt music from the likes of Chris Knight, Radney Foster, Miranda Lambert, Robert Earl Keen, John Moreland, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Turnpike Troubadours. More recent bands like Cage the Elephant and The Wild Feathers are some personal favorites.

Why You Should Be ListeningFrom the dark corners of smoky backwoods bars to wineries, theaters and festival stages, Dom Wier has shared show bills with artists like like Asleep At The Wheel, Shooter Jennings, Blackberry Smoke, Foghat, members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Toto. New Waters might be his debut album, but don’t be fooled — he’s already on the map as one of Nashville’s up-and-coming songwriters.

Music Sounds LikeA balanced blend of rock, country, and blues textures with an honest and slightly road worn Midwestern-tinged vocal delivery.

I recorded this video for “Mission Statement” live in the studio in Nashville with my producer Matthew Miller.  It’s probably my favorite track from the New Waters EP. It’s about staying inspired. It’s another way of saying to give this life your all, to go for it, and to do it on your own terms. This record and these songs have been a couple years in the making, so I’m really excited to get this music out there. It represents where I’m coming from right now.

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