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James Barker Band and Other Music Videos That Gave Us “Chills” in 2017

2017 was filled with tons of new songs that moved us and gave us new life. One of those: “Chills” by James Barker Band. The Canadian band has achieved impressive success up north with their debut single, “Lawn Chair Lazy” charting in the Top 10 on Canadian Country radio and winning the “Most Played Country Song of 2016” at the28th SOCAN Awards. Their follow-up single, “Just Sayin’” also finished in the Top 10. But like the saying, “third time’s the charm,” their third single, “Chills” went No. 1. After grabbing the top spot, the single shipped to Country radio in the US back in October. To top it off, the music video for “chills” gave us ALL the feels! While it is simplistic and stripped down, they managed to effortlessly capture the nostalgia of young love. Check it out above.

“Chills” wasn’t the only music video of 2017 giving us the feels. Check out some of our other favorites below.

Thomas Rhett , “Marry Me”
If this video doesn’t cause you to tear up, there’s something wrong. Rhett nailed it with this video that will tug at your heartstrings.

Carly Pearce “Every Little Thing”

This girl has had an incredible break-out year! We love how she stripped down the video to highlight the raw emotion she felt that inspired the song. Thvideo is breathtaking.

Chris Lane, “Take Back Home Girl”

Chris Lane and Tori Kelly in this video are #goals. It has us wishing they were a real-life couple. But, Kelly has already been snatched up! Oh well! We can dream!

Sarah Darling, “Montmartre”

This video is a dream! Period! Not only does Sarah look incredible, but the scenery is enough to give us chills. This is one you will want to watch twice.

Christina Taylor “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore”

This rising star gave us all the chills in this video. Not only does she looks stunning, but she perfectly embodies what women everywhere have gone through during a break-up.

Brooke Eden “Act Like You Don’t”

We love this video. Brooke perfectly captures the pain of dealing with a break-up from someone you still love even down to the “Don’t Answer” name on the phone. This is the anthem to play if you’re going through the same thing.

Lauren Alaina “Doin’ Fine”

The video starts out with Lauren standing in the rain and then cuts to her in several different outfits. She looks so fierce it gives us chills. Something tells us we are just scratching the surface with her.

Emma White “Overthink It”

The stripped down acoustic video is hauntingly beautiful. Between Emma’s voice and the artful shots, this video will pull at your heart.

The Reklaws, “Hometown Kids”

Similar to “Chills,” this video will give you all the nostalgia. It starts of with photos of Jenna & Stu as children and then cuts to scenes of them singing on old-school bleachers. It will remind you a time before social media & technology.


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