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Olivia Lane Releases “Devil and You”

Country singer Olivia Lane shows fans a new side to her with the release of “Devil and You.” Fans can download “Devil and You”here.

“A lot of people know the happy and energetic parts of me but with ‘Devil and You’ I wanted to show my vulnerable side,” said Lane. “I wanted a video that showed the struggle we all sometimes have between the angel and devil on our shoulders and my co-director James King helped me bring that to life.”

“Devil and You,” a departure from Lane’s best known high energy and upbeat songs, was co-written by the Texas native with Skip Black and Brennin Hunt. The song paints the picture of the inner dialogue of a good girl who’s faced with the temptation to be a little bad. The video which was co-directed by Lane with James King, whom she collaborated with on her previous video for “Wrong Girl,” visually brings to life this conflict with contrasting shots of Lane alternating between “good” and “bad.”

Devil and You by Olivia Lane on VEVO.

Oh slipping off your white tee
You’re a snake and I’m eve
Oh the way you’re looking at me
Looking like we might be
In for a hell of a night
So wrong but feels so right
What’s a good girl supposed to do
When she’s caught up in between the devil and you
Caught up in between the devil and you

(Lane, Black, Hunt)

Forgoing the typical EP release, this is the second song Lane released directly to her fans. The singer has been hard at work in the studio writing and recording new music for her forthcoming project. Lane also keeps up with her fans through her vlog series, covering a wide range of topics from exclusive behind-the-scenes to make-up tutorials and taco bell blind tastings.

To learn more about Olivia Lane, visit OliviaLane.com or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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