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Toby Keith’s “Shitty Golfer” Caught On Camera

Everyone who’s ever swung a club has had that moment – or scores of them – they hoped no one was watching. Singer, songwriter, and entertainer Toby Keith sure has, but he’s willing to not only put them in a song, but also a new video. “Shitty Golfer,” a video embodiment of Keith’s hilarious new song, premieres globally beginning Friday, Oct. 20th.

The second video release from new album The Bus Songs (“Wacky Tobaccy”), “Shitty Golfer” finds seven young duffers living up to the title on the golf course. Meanwhile, the record-breaking album is now in it’s fifth week atop the Billboard Comedy Albums chart, an unprecedented feat for a country singer-songwriter.

A collection culled from the many songs Toby and his frequent collaborators have written just for fun, The Bus Songs (Show Dog Nashville) is the subject of an upcoming Spotify.

Sessions on October 25th and Amazon Music’s Side By Side on October 27th. Keith also has two remaining tour dates this month:

10/28 Laughlin Event Center Laughlin, NV
10/29 AVA Amphitheater Tucson, AZ

Standing room only shows have been the rule during this year’s Toby Keith Interstates & Tailgates Tour amidst other 2017 highlights. Near the top of the list is being honored with the Academy of Country Music’s Poet’s Award for songwriting. For the 2015 Songwriter’s Hall of Fame inductee, recognition as a writer is as meaningful as it gets. As The Bus Songs prove in showing a less serious side, writing isn’t just something he does for a living or for accolades. Songwriting is who Toby Keith is.

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