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Graham Nash, Lee Ann Womack, Ricky Skaggs, The Secret Sisters and More Bring Down the House During Skyville Live

SVL 204 Our House CLIP from Skyville Live on Vimeo.

Emmy Award-winning online music series Skyville Live hosted an extraordinary show on September 15th featuring Graham Nash and very special guests. Ricky Skaggs, Lee Ann Womack, The Milk Carton Kids, The Secret Sisters and River Whyless. The evening’s performances and collaborations paid tribute to Nash’s long history as a principal architect in the evolution of group harmony.

What an absolute pleasure it has been hanging with these incredible musicians…. and as an added bonus it’s my music… rarely have I ever seen my songs being done by other musicians and it was completely eye opening for me… what a compliment,” commented Graham Nash

Graham Nash is synonymous with harmony singing.  We learned how to blend our voices by listening to his records.  To be thought of and invited to sing with him, to combine our three voices, is the thrill of a lifetime,” commented Joey Ryan of The Milk Carton Kids.

The night started off with Graham Nash singing “Bus Stop” which lead directly into “Immigration Man.” River Whyless took the stage next to sing “Military Madness” and then performed “I Used To Be King” alongside Nash. The Secret Sisters performed two songs, “Wasted On The Way” with Nash and “Hey You” accompanied by Ricky Skaggs, before Graham Nash returned to the stage for “Myself At Last.” The Milk Carton Kids joined Graham to sing “So Sad,” MCK sang “Just A Song Before I Go” on their own and were joined by Nash and Skaggs on “Marrakesh Express.”

Up next was the formidable Ricky Skaggs singing “Angel On My Mind.” Lee Ann Womack graced the stage with Graham and Skaggs for a powerful   “Our House” with the audience singing along. The night ended with a grand finale featuring Graham Nash and all performers singing “Chicago” and “Teach Your Children Well.”

The show is still available to stream, with details available at  Available highlight clips are as follows:

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