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INTERVIEW: Craig Morgan Shares His Love of Pups, Nature, and the Opry


This weekend, Eukanuba is hosting its first ever Performance Games, where country star Craig Morgan will be on hand for one of the demonstrations. As an avid outdoorsman, he’s excited to work with the dogs during a scent detection challenge. He has two pups at home and often works with a local rescue group to foster dogs in his area.

As a hunter, I absolutely love watching these dogs and their abilities. Growing up, we always had a family dog. As I got older, I got into hunting dogs for water fowl and just loved it.

Craig carries his love of the animals and nature into the 8th season of his television series “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors.” Throughout his time filming the show, he’s gained a new appreciation for a vital aspect of being a true outdoorsman.

I strive real hard to educate people on the importance of conservation and the impact of true hunters who really value the resource that we have.

Another project that he’s been working on is an art gallery in Dickson, TN. Gallery at Morgan Farms is tentatively scheduled to open on September 22 and will offer paintings from a local artist, woodwork that he’s created, and more.

Some of the stuff she’s [local artist] painted is from our farm. From our beehives to our property in Alaska, a little cabin with the aurora borealis behind it. I make wood items like centerpieces, bowls, spoons, and cutting boards. Everything that I do out of wood is from reclaimed, repurposed, recycled materials. I don’t sell wooden bowls and wooden spoons, I sell stories. It’s really about where the wood came from and where I did it.

Those stories carry over into his music. This fall, Craig will kick off his American Stories Tour with Operation Finally Home, where he will partner with the non-profit to give a mortgage-free home to a military family at many of the shows on the tour.

People don’t understand what these men and women go through in a combat environment. So when they come home, if there’s something we can do as Americans to make their life a little less stressful that’s a cool thing.

When Craig isn’t on the road, you can usually find him performing at the Grand Ole Opry, where he’s been a member since 2008. The Opry family just lost one of its own, Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry, who was like a brother to Craig.

Vince Gill said it best. We’re a family. The Opry is a family. It’s just that simple. Eddie and Troy are part of that family. They are my brothers. They’re as much my brothers as my blood relative.

When I lost my son, the Opry family was there. And Troy was there. Troy and Angie were very supportive to us in our loss. We have been there for them and will continue to be there for them until I’m gone.

He was a very dear friend. I’m sad at the loss, but I know that I’ll see Troy again. And I know his heart, I knew his love for his family.

With everything that Craig has going on in his life, it’s easy to understand why he isn’t in a hurry to release new music. He’s taking his time and is excited to explore his creativity without being rushed.

It’s a great place to be. I don’t have to have it done anytime soon. And when you can do that, it gives you an opportunity to really work harder at writing great songs, listening and finding great songs. And when you do go in the studio, you get to take your time and record it the way you think it should be done without the stress of having to meet a deadline.

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