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Carly Pearce Adds “Color” to Debut Album

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Carly Pearce means what she says and with her debut album on the horizon, listeners will truly learn “Every Little Thing” across 13 tracks of heartache and sass to love and determination. Leading up to the October 13 release on Big Machine Records, fans who pre-order the album can instantly download select tracks each week with today’s bounty including Top 10-and-rising title track, SiriusXM favorite “If My Name Was Whiskey” and the buoyant “Color.”

Premiering “Color,” Parade notes: “If you haven’t heard the name Carly Pearce, get ready, you will.” Carly penned the old-school Country meets R&B mid-tempo with constant collaborator busbee and hit songwriter Laura Veltz, offering up direct yet vulnerable lyrics:

I give up, I surrender
And be nice, ‘cause this heart’s a little tender
You were right, I was wrong, boy
Yes, I know that you knew it all along, boy

You be the lines, I’ll be the color
Just like the day and night need each other
Life ain’t as good without the other
You be the lines, I’ll be the color
I’ll be the color

The Taylor Mill, KY native cut her teeth on Bluegrass rounds before leaving high school to chase her dreams at just 16 years old, spending the last nine years navigating the industry part of music. Carly’s fortitude has brought her to this moment: the only solo female in the Top 10 currently at Country radio; CMT Next Women of Country alum; all-genre iHeart On The Verge artist; Cox Media’s first Plugged In artist and profiles from Billboard, The Washington Post and PEOPLE. Fellow artists are taking note of her lush vocals, infectious personality and emotive lyrics as she joins Eric Church for shows September 21-22 in Gilford, NH and September 23 in Bangor, ME as well as providing direct support for Brett Young’s CALIVILLE TOUR this fall. For a full list of tour dates and more, visit or continue the journey on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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