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Martina McBride Sends Hurricane Relief

Martina McBride and her Team Music Is Love charity initiative are partnering with Franklin, TN, hunger fighting non-profit One Generation Away to help people recently impacted by hurricanes across the country.

Team Music Is Love and OneGenAway are teaming up to send mobile food pantry trucks from Tennessee to flood devastated areas of southeast Texas. Volunteers will be on hand in Texas to personally unload trucks and distribute food to people in need.

Team Music Is Love is also monitoring the situation in Florida and will support efforts to send help to the area as well.

Supporters can make tax deductible donations to the Martina McBride Music Is Love Fund at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Donations will be used to stock food trucks that will carry relief to hurricane devastated areas. An online donation link can be found at and here
These pop up mobile food pantries will provide water, ready to eat food and boxed meals to families in need, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables for those who are able to use them.

Mobile food pantries serve an important need in times of disaster recovery as struggling communities begin to deal with reduced access to grocery stores and the long term closure of neighborhood stores due to storm damage. Mobile food pantries give families easy access to basic necessities that become difficult to obtain in recovering areas where food sources may be few.

Fans will be able to follow the journey and see the difference their donation made at
This isn’t the first time Martina and Team Music Is Love have partnered with One Gen Away to feed people in need. During CMA Fest this year they sponsored a mobile food pantry giving 20,000 pounds of food to families in need in the Nashville area. Martina also used her Love Unleashed concert tour as an opportunity to spread love and help people in need by partnering with food banks to hold mass food drops in many of the cities on the tour.

One Gen Away has extensive experience in disaster relief having assisted with recovery after the historic 2010 flooding in Williamson County TN and Nashville TN.

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