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Country Artists Bid ‘Adios’ to Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell

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Yesterday, country music lost a true legend when Glen Campbell passed away from a long battle with Alzheimer’s. It didn’t take long for fellow country artists to reflect on the singer who inspired so many.

What a powerful artistic and personal journey Glen Campbell’s passage has been. As a role model, singing guitar player he was a big influence on me.

His blend of genres created his own sound and style and his ability to entertain wasn’t limited to the stage. He blazed real trails through film (and especially television) where his charismatic southern charm and personality fit perfectly.

The night I won my first country music award, I got back to my hotel room and there was a fax on the floor.

“Welcome to the award winning world kid. You got it.” Glen Campbell.

Universal music, universal stories, universal spirit. No wonder he was a global superstar. I love Glen for so many reasons – but above all, for his humanity. My thoughts and prayers are with Kim and all of his extended family today. May peace be with you all. Go rest high on that mountain, Glen. – KU (Keith Urban)

I think a lot of people may not realize what a huge international star Glen Campbell (Official) was during his time in both pop and country music. He had many timeless hits that will never be touched. He also was a great musician and great singer who played on a lot of music before he became THE Glen Campbell. I will always feel like I owe Glen a lot of gratitude – he was my first contact in Nashville when my wife, Denise, was a flight attendant. She met him at the airport and he gave her his business card for his publishing company. This connection lead me down the path that brought me to where I am today.

RIP #RhinestoneCowboy
Alan and Denise Jackson

Glen Campbell just passed away.

“Rhinestone Cowboy” was the first song I remember hearing. I wrote about this story in my book Walk To Beautiful.

I met Glen Campbell at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum during an induction ceremony. I got a chance to share my story with him. He was very nice and thankful.

Glen Campbell influenced the country music business tremendously. There’s not one artist that hasn’t been inspired by his music directly or indirectly.

Rest in peace, Glen. Jimmy Wayne


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