Jerrod Niemann

Jerrod Niemann Gets a Birthday Surprise on Stage

Jerrod Niemann received a big birthday surprise from his wife Morgan while performing a special show at downtown Nashville bar Famous Saloon on Friday night (7/21). He spent the afternoon popping up at a number of bachelorette parties to the excitement of soon-to-be brides. Little did he know, the biggest bombshell was in store for him.

Midway through Niemann’s set Friday night, Sirius XM’s The Highway host and Famous Saloon owner, Storme Warren, hopped up onstage while a life-sized cake was slowly rolled out behind the singer-songwriter. “If it’s Jerrod Niemann’s birthday and he has given so much of himself to bachelorette parties all over the city, what could possibly be your reward?” he asked him.

“It better not be Lee Brice!” Niemann quickly quipped.

As Warren led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday,” Morgan stepped out of the cake, perfectly emulating Marilyn Monroe further stunning her husband.

“I’m never really at a loss for words. If you know me, I’m at a loss for words,” shared the nearly-speechless Niemann. Then, he turned to his – normally brunette – wife, “I must say honey, I gotta admit, I’m gonna cheat on you tonight with a blonde…This lady right here is not only the woman of my dreams, but the woman of my reality, thank God.”

After the surprise, Niemann immediately performed his new ballad currently climbing the chart, “God Made A Woman.” As the singer, who wed Morgan in 2014 has previously shared previously, “You realize really quickly that the weight of the world is easier to hold with two sets of shoulders. That’s what I think about when I listen to this song.”

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