Jacob Davis Drops Three Surprise Tracks

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While Jacob Davislive show led Country Living to dub him “a bona fide star,” the Black River Entertainment electrifying entertainer believes it’s the audience that makes his songs come alive. After packing-out shows at West Hollywood’s No Vacancy and Nashville’s The Back Corner, Davis was inspired by the energy his fans give back to him and wanted to add to that excitement with the surprise release of three more of his favorite originals to streaming services and digital retailers.

“James Brown,” “Real Love” and “Got Me Like” have been fan-favorites at live shows since the Shreveport, Louisiana native first introduced them while performing in the opening slot on shows for Sam Hunt and Kelsea Ballerini, and Davis didn’t want to wait another day before firing up fans with the new tunes.

Davis’ dynamic stage presence during songs like “James Brown” (Jacob Davis / Scott Stepakoff / Jason Gantt) has led to one of country music’s top blogs, Taste of Country to tout, Davis is “a showman, appropriate for someone raised where the Louisiana Hayride broadcasts still echo.”

With the personal “Real Love,” (Jacob Davis / Forest Glen Whitehead / Matt Jenkins) Davis gives a peek inside his own self-proclaimed “honest and confident love story.” Sharing, “My inspiration is my wife, but this a song that everybody can relate too. It’s basically saying ‘we’ve got a good thing…and we know we do.’”

Another of Davis’ favorites, “Got Me Like” (Jacob Davis / Forest Glen Whitehead / Jim Collins) is the fourth song co-written by Davis from the forthcoming album on Black River Entertainment. “We wrote ‘Got Me Like’ after picturing a guy walking down the street…grinning ear-to-ear because he was crazy about a girl,” shares Davis of the song’s origin. “You can almost hear him singing the hook and walking with some swagger, hiding his excitement from her but on display for the world to see. I love its vibe—just such a happy song which is appropriate I guess as I’m such a happy guy.”

The three new tracks in addition to “What I Wanna Be” offer a first taste of Jacob Davis’ upcoming full-length album on Black River Entertainment. Check out the video for “What I Wanna Be” HERE.

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