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CMA Foundation Receives 2017 NAFME Stand For Music Award

cma foundation

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The CMA Foundation received the 2017 Stand for Music Award from the National Association for Music Education Thursday during the Association’s annual Hill Day in Washington, D.C.

CMA Director of Community Outreach Tiffany Kerns accepted the Award on behalf of the CMA Foundation.

The CMA Foundation is the sixth recipient of the Stand for Music Award. The Stand for Music Award is bestowed upon supporters who demonstrate excellence in their craft of music or support those who do; amplify the benefits of music education and training, such as: innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and other 21st century skills; speak to music’s power in the lives of students as they prepare to be our nation’s next leaders and innovators; and support music teachers and the schools and communities that support them.

CMA created the nonprofit 501(c)(3) CMA Foundation in 2011. Guided by the generosity of the Country Music community, the CMA Foundation focuses on improving and sustaining music education programs everywhere while supporting worthwhile causes important to the Country Music Association. In 2017, the CMA Foundation has earmarked a record $3.1 million to 44 in- and after-school music education programs across the country, bringing the Foundation’s total contributions to date to more than $17.5 million, touching the lives of one million students. For more information, visit

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